2021 Winners

HM Spring Stopover Jeffrey Klinefelter
HM Peace Jeffrey Klinefelter
3rd Submerged J Anna Roberts
2nd The Visit Robert Meyers
1st Sea of Sage Jeffrey Klinefelter

HM Rainbow Lorikeet Roseanne Crowell
HM The Fisher King Leslie Ober
3rd Winter’s Friend Leslie Ober
2nd In the shadows Roseanne Crowell
1st Little Red Leslie Ober

HM Fish Fillet Fight Ronda Hamm
HM The Eyes Have It Ryan Jeske
3rd Sitting Pretty Jenny Moore Smith
2nd Jumper Ronda Hamm
1st The Big Eater Ryan Jeske

3rd Eyes Only Marian Betts
2nd On the Hunt Marian Betts
1st Cardinals and Daisies Marian Betts

HM Into the Woods Marianne Ballenger
HM Something in the Air Marianne Ballenger
3rd Reclining Bison Joshua Shepherd
2nd Rockies Repose Joshua Shepherd
1st North Woods Idyll Joshua Shepherd

HM Yellowbird Lois Berg
3rd I Toad Her not to Box us in Mary Clouse
2nd Bright Eyes Char Hulse
1st Feasting Diana Hunter