Our Mission Statement

Indiana Wildlife Artists, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization which promotes the advancement of wildlife art as a fine art, providing wildlife artists an opportunity to meet, to learn and to exhibit.

With our artwork we encourage the appreciation and understanding of wildlife among the general public, and assist conservation groups with education for the benefit of wildlife.

IWA History

Not long after its creation, it was determined that the northern location of the annual exhibit was extremely limiting to artists in the southern parts of the State. It was decided to create three chapters, one each for the Northern, Central and Southern regions. The annual exhibit then would rotate between the chapters, allowing artists more opportunities to exhibit their work.

In more recent years, it has been harder and harder to find venues that will accommodate our annual exhibit, so in 2017 the general membership agreed to a central location in a venue that can accommodate us.

Non-profit status granted

Our Focus

The major focus of IWA is to promote the advancement of wildlife art within Indiana, and to provide wildlife artists an opportunity to meet, learn, share, teach and exhibit their artwork. IWA encourages the recognition and understanding of wildlife among its members by offering special events sponsored by one of the Chapters at various wildlife facilities, parks and preserves around the State.

IWA also sponsors seminars and workshops on wildlife art and related topics for members and other groups upon request. IWA underwrites one special major event every year: the Annual Exhibit.

By the production and displaying of quality wildlife fine art, Indiana Wildlife Artists can bring attention to the many wonders that exist in nature. The protection and preservation of wildlife, be it animal or botanical, is very important for future generations.

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