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One Fine Arts Judge

One Naturalist Judge


DATE:   Saturday, August 25, 2018

TIME:   10:00 a.m. to about 1:00 p.m.

PLACE:  Second Presbyterian Church

 7700 N Meridian ST

 Indianapolis, IN 46260


DEADLINE TO APPLY:  Monday, April 30, 2018


A $50.00 stipend and lunch will be included

When applying, please specify either the Fine Artist Judge or the Naturalist Judge



Judges will be working together to determine First, Second and Third place winners, plus up to two Honorable Mentions in five categories of artwork:

1. Painting

2. Drawing

3. Photography

4. 3-Dimensional

5. Mixed Media and Other


To see prior year's results, check out the  Exhibit Galleries and the Catalog link for each year.


Judges will need to keep in mind that:


For the Fine Arts Judge:

  • The Fine Art judge is responsible for  judging design, style, technique  and quality of the work, allowing the Naturalist Judge to determine the accuracy of the subject and its habitat.
  • In any other category than Photography, photo realism is NOT required.
  • We encourage artists to exhibit work displaying various styles and techniques.


For the Naturalist Judge:

  • The Naturalist Judge is responsible for judging the portrayal of the subject and the accuracy of its habitat.
  • The artists should have researched their subjects and should depict an understanding of  anatomy and habitat.  We want our artists to focus on Wildlife; however some creatures co-exist with us so that some human structures are acceptable if deemed so by the Naturalist Judge.


For Both Judges:

  • Each Category will receive a First Place, Second Place and Third Place  with up to two Honorable Mentions. The judges may, at their discretion, elect to award or withhold any award in any category (example: not enough entries in category, not enough pieces of quality work, or incorrect presentation of the species and its habitat.)
  • Media categories will be presented for judging separately. It is suggested that the work be viewed both from a distance as well as at close range.
  • Working separately at first, each judge should examine each piece within the media category and eliminate on their own scorecards any piece which should not be considered for an award.
  • When both judges are finished this process, they will come together and determine from their choices which piece places where.
  • Score sheets will be provided for each judge to use for taking notes on  each piece to help them in making their final decision.


If you are interested in providing this service, please  fill out the application and either

email  to:

or mail to:

Marian Betts, IWA 2018 Exhibit Chair

911 Lincoln St

Anderson In. 46016


 Any questions please call Marian at (765) 606-5342









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