Links to Artists' Websites

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Lois Berg is noted for her award winning stained glass, water color and acrylic paintings.

Marian Betts is noted for her work in multiple mediums including pen & ink, watercolor, charcoal, oils, fiber arts, photography and digital art.

Ken Bloomhorst is a nationally known artist and illustrator, and designer of the "United State Environmental Protection Agency" logo.

On Robert J Bryan’s website you will find all kinds of wild animal paintings and more.

Trudy Calvert is an accomplished illustrator as well as a fine artist. Her website features all sorts of neat things including her children’s book illustrations.

Jennifer Caudill aspires to capture the beauty of nature in her paintings while maintaining a

scientifically correct setting.

Roseanne Crowell’s website features beautiful Pet Portraits, Wildlife Art and Nature Scenes.

Steve Harrold's website features not only his passion and life's work portraying hunting dogs, but also his mastery of art as well.

Diana Hunter is a photographer and a painter. Her website features fine art photography and oil paintings.

Cedric Hustace is an internationally renowned artist whose website displays his artwork depicting images from around the world.

Shari Jardina is an award winning nature and wildlife photographer, who has a passion for photographing wolves.

Bob Marlin's website displays his stunning photography.

Robin Myers' artwork depicts wildlife in a natural setting in an attempt to depict in paint or pen the life that (God) simply spoke into existence.

James D. Salmon shows his magnificent photography on his website.



Links to other Art Associations

The Art Association of Randolph County is located in Union City, Indiana. Events ranging from jazz to bluegrass concerts, drama to dance, art classes to art shows, poetry readings to photography displays are offered.

Connor Prairie Interactive History Park, 13400 Allisonville Road, Fishers, Indiana is a fun and exciting place to take the whole family with field trips, science projects, history re-enactment events and lots of other learning experiences.




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