About Indiana Wildlife Artists, Inc.

Indiana Wildlife Artists, Inc. (IWA) was established in northern Indiana in 1982, but

soon after went state-wide with three regional Chapters - North, Central and South –

to accommodate wildlife artists throughout the state.


In 1992 IWA was granted a not-for-profit rating from the Federal Government with a 501C3.


Mission Statement


Indiana Wildlife Artists, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization which promotes the advancement of wildlife art as a fine art, providing wildlife artists an opportunity to meet, to learn and to exhibit. With our artwork we encourage the appreciation and understanding of wildlife among the general public, and assist conservation groups with education for the benefit of wildlife.



For Future Generations


By the production and displaying of quality wildlife fine art, IWA can bring attention to the many wonders that exist in nature. The protection and preservation of wildlife, be it animal or botanical, is very important for future generations. There are many conservation organizations in our country, and though we do not recommend the support of a specific group, we do encourage people to get involved in an effort to preserve, educate and appreciate the world of nature that surrounds us.


Join Us!

 in our mission to take responsibility for

the wildlife we enjoy.

Become a partner with IWA and enjoy a unique opportunity to get involved through the promotion of fine art appreciation that focuses on wildlife. By becoming involved with IWA you can help expand the interest of both artists and the public in looking for ways to protect and preserve and display the wonders of our environment. You can help IWA bring about this greater awareness by becoming a member, by being a volunteer at events, or by being a contributor or sponsor for the events – or by doing all three!






















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The Focus of IWA


The focus of IWA is to promote the advancement of wildlife art within Indiana, and to provide wildlife artists an opportunity to meet, learn, share, teach and exhibit their artwork. IWA encourages the recognition and understanding of wildlife among its members by offering special events sponsored by one of the Chapters at various wildlife facilities, parks and preserves across the State. Educating both our artists and the public about the wildlife that surrounds us is one of the major focuses of IWA, and to this end IWA also sponsors seminars and workshops on wildlife art and related topics for members and other groups upon request.


IWA underwrites one special major event every year: the Annual Exhibit. Each year one of the Chapters is responsible for the Art Exhibit which has in the past been presented within the boundaries of that Chapter. The North has been exhibiting in Wabash at the Honeywell Center. The Central Chapter has exhibited at Minnetrista in Muncie, and the South has used Angel Mounds in Evansville, Indiana. Beginning this year we are centralizing the Exhibits in the Indianapolis area with a different Chapter still responsible for the annual exhibit.


In 2008 IWA celebrated its 25th Annual Exhibit at the Honeywell Center, featuring 25 artists exhibiting 71 pieces of art.


In 2013 IWA celebrated its 30th Annual Exhibit exhibiting 99 pieces of art and 35 artists, including some from out of state with the same desire and interest for wildlife as IWA exhibits.




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