2017 Annual Fine Art Exhibit Catalog


Marietta Reinhold

Bloomington, Indiana

Southern Chapter



Meri grew up in a house

filled with art, spending

endless hours in front

of paintings,

transported to other

times and places.  She

craved to learn how to

make such art, but the

teachers devoted their time to the talented, and she soon  gave it up for other studies.


For 40+ years, Meri worked in social services, finding fulfillment in helping others  learn how to make changes in their lives.  The longest position she held was directing a local charity serving low income families, raising money, maintaining facilities, doubling the capacity of the programs, and performing all the human services for a staff of 30+ people.


At age 40,Meri turned back to art as a stress reduction.  She says:

"After years of practice, I turned to watercolor.  I am fascinated with light and how it transforms objects.  I am thrilled with the challenge of creating a two-dimensional rendering of three-dimensional subject matter.   Watercolor remains my primary media.


I like to paint people and animals.  The vitality of a living person or creature is a mystery to capture."


Meri made a "bucket list" trip to Africa in 2013 and was immersed in the wilderness experience, That trip still motivates her. She says, "You can leave Africa, but it never leaves you. . ."

Farewell to Harambe

Western Lowland Gorilla

19" x 16"



American Flamingo

25" x 20"


Chameleon on Night Safari

17" x 21"

Flap-eared Chameleon



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