2017 Annual Fine Art Exhibit Catalog

Fiddle Dee Dee

Silver Fern


Tauhou to You

Silvereye aka Wax-eye Bird



Mourning Dove



Greta Eleen Pennell

Indianapolis, IN

Central Chapter





















My love for the outdoors and art was instilled at a very early age by my parents, especially my father, who encouraged me to dream big and develop my talents as an artist, naturalist, environmentalist, and educator.


I am inspired by the natural world, the beauty in tiny details and recurring patterns.  Flora and fauna always catch my eye first, often stopping me in my tracks. I love getting as close as possible to individual specimens and subjects to try to see things from their level and capture what might otherwise pass by without notice.


My artistic endeavors also include pen & ink illustration, slumped & fused glass, and printmaking.  However, photography is my primary creative outlet because it fits and fills the intermittent lacunae of my very full professional life as a developmental psychologist and professor at the University of Indianapolis.




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