2017 Annual Fine Art Exhibit Catalog

Robert Meyers

Indianapolis, Indiana

Central Chapter




















I've been an Indiana resident all my life. At an early age I found I had a knack for drawing what I saw. I was fortunate to have some great teachers who encouraged me, and a love of nature was instilled in me from my parents. with vacations to the north woods, spotting and identifying wildlife, hunting and fishing as a part of my growing up. In my years at Ball State  I saw and experienced professional art, and I'm now working in computer graphics, but still can't wait to pursue the fine art that I enjoy producing.  I still love doing art. The whole process from idea, to materials, to making, finishing and framing. It’s fun.

Art is the smile of the soul.

Outback at Alfreds

Herring Gulls

28" x 34"


Home Run

Sockeye Salmon

25" x 25"


Claude's Flight

Herring Gul

27" x 33"

Oil Paint on Canvas


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