2017 Annual Fine Art Exhibit Catalog


Shari Jardina, IWA

Indianapolis, Indiana

Central Chapter



















My interest in photography began at a very young age when my parents presented me with my first camera and entrusted me with documenting family outings and vacations.  I was fascinated with the power of capturing a moment in time to relive whenever I chose.


That camera also opened my eyes to the spectacular beauty and wonders of the natural world.   In nature, I have found a place where I can be calm, peaceful, and still.    I strive to capture and preserve that beauty and convey nature‚Äôs calming effects on the soul in my photographs.


Website: www.wolfmountainimages.com


Western Tanager

11" x 17"


Thinking Pink


20" x 24"


Pups at Play

Gray Wolf pups

11" x 17"



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