2017 Annual Fine Art Exhibit Catalog


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Signature Member




The Indiana Wildlife Artists organization recognizes outstanding members of the organization by honoring them with the status of Signature Member, and gives the the right to place the initials IWA after their name. This recognition is obtained through nomination by an IWA member to the Executive Board with a synopsis of the individual's accomplishments. The Executive Board may approve the nomination immediately or take the nomination under advisement for up to one year.

Issuing a Signature Membership is based on the member having:

  • Produced award-winning works of Wildlife Art
  • Been a member of the IWA for 8 years or more
  • Provided leadership to the organization by holding office at the Board level
  • Volunteered significant services to IWA or a wildlife conservation organization
  • Indicated a sincere interest in wildlife conservation
  • Accepts the Focus or Mission of IWA


Each category will receive the following awards:


One First Place - $75.00

One Second Place - $50.00

One Third Place - $25.00

Two Honorable Mention


Award Categories:

     1.  PAINTING:

          Oil; alkyd; acrylic; transparent or

opaque watercolor or any aqua media


     2.  DRAWING:

          Pastel; charcoal; graphite; colored pencil;

scratchboard; pen or brush and ink



          Film or digital with or without standard

enhancements or altered by computer software



Carving and Sculptures created from any

durable material


     5.  MIXED MEDIA and OTHER: Any combination of media or artwork not

covered in categories 1 through 4


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