2017 Annual Fine Art Exhibit Catalog


Char Hulse

Lebanon, Indiana

Central Chapter














I began photography when I received a camera as a gift from my husband the first year of our marriage. I found my favorite subjects were animals.


About 15 years ago I was invited to a porcelain painting class.  I did the little flower plates that are common in porcelain painting.  I soon realized that what I really wanted to paint was animals.  I wanted to paint bigger that the porcelain tiles available in white porcelain, so I began trying other supports that could be fired. I found that porcelain floor tiles would hold the fired paint.


From years of photographing animals in zoos and from trips to Africa (I have been to Kenya 10 times), I have thousands of photographs of animals.  Even a photograph that isn't worth framing on its own, can become a interesting painting.


Painting on porcelain starts with a powdered, mineral based paint.  It is added to a medium. This can be water or oil.  Like watercolor, the layers are built up.  Each layer is fired before adding the next layer.  Porcelain can be fired at temperatures over 1500 degrees.  It is slowly cooled, than another layer of paint can be added and then fired again.



Three Tigers

Porcelain on

13" x 10" x 10" Vase



24" x 24"

Fired Floor Tile

Snow White

White Crane

24" x 20"



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