2017 Annual Fine Art Exhibit Catalog


Kenya Ferrand-Ott

Lafayette, Indiana

Central Chapter















I am an Indiana-born artist originally from Greencastle. I have lived on a large farm for most of my life where my parents instilled in me a respect for nature and wild life. As I went through collage, mastering in Graphic Design and minoring in Jewelry Metalsmithing; bought a home; adopted 3 fur kids (one of which is my dog Brody Bear and for whom my studio is made), and become a real adult, I have found that the general public’s knowledge of wildlife is terrifying: My blue herring was "what a pretty pelican", my cheetah was " a pretty leopard", and my raccoon was a "kitty".  (Perhaps I could understand the Cheetah, but local common animals?) Now I try to educate my audience just as I teach myself something new about each subject. My hope is to spread love, admiration and understanding of the wild creatures with which we share this world, while showing just how interesting and exciting they are.

This is NOT a Duck

North American Common Loon

28" x 19"


Cinnamon  Teal Duck

17" x 14"



This is NOT a Leopard

Northeast African Cheeta

32" x 26"



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