2017 Annual Fine Art Exhibit Catalog


Marian Betts, IWA

Anderson, Indiana

Central Chapter















Marian Betts uses cameras, computer software, canvas, fabric & pen to communicate ideas, tell a story, give directions or create concepts. Marian’s focus in her artwork is wildlife and landscapes from around the world.

Marian was born in Sudan, Africa, of British parents, went to boarding school in Egypt, and spent her early holidays in England. Her family immigrated to the United States 1963 & Marian began her formal training in art. In 1969, after a year at S.I.U., Carbondale, IL, she married an Airman & lived in different States as well as  England. During her travels she studied commercial & graphic art, and  continued to study on her own until in 2008 she was able to return full time, first at ITT, then Kaplan University for an ASS in IT/Web Design, 2011.

Thanks to her years of working with Professor Dr. Nell Arnold, Australia, on projects, books, festivals &  websites,  Marian and  her artwork have been accepted in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom,  Germany, & several of the Oceanica Islands.


Website: mariansstudio.us

Hunting Heron

16" x 20"


Reflected Heron

16" x 20"

Manipulated Photography

Hiding  Heron

16" x 20"



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